HNN Topics

  • Trump and the Insurrection Act of 1807

    by HNN Staff

    Protests against police killings have encouraged Donald Trump to some tough talk about deploying the military to US cities. Historians discuss the legal or extralegal acts that might follow.

  • Historians Watch Grant

    by HNN Staff

    The History Channel's miniseries "Grant" invited discussion of the misremembered career and legacy of Ulysses S. Grant. 

  • Historians are Graduating

    by HNN Staff

    It hasn't been the semester anyone expected, but undergrad and graduate students are finishing their degrees and defending their theses. We join professors and advisors and committee chairs in congratulating all those graduating in history!

  • What is Happening in North Korea?

    There is little solid information but a lot of speculation on the status of Kim Jong Un and North Korea's recent past and immediate future.