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CA's Newsom Demands Info on Florida Textbook Revisions

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is demanding information from textbook publishers and the state of Florida to determine if any companies are “kowtowing to Florida’s extremist agenda.”

“You don’t get to rewrite history in a back room. You don’t get to erase basic facts around segregation, the holocaust, or Rosa Parks’ story. The extremists in Florida and textbook companies that are colluding with them are about to be exposed,” Newsom said.

The California governor is “demanding records from publishers and Florida to find out whether any of the companies designing California’s textbooks are the same ones kowtowing to Florida’s extremist agenda,” his office said.

The Florida Department of Education earlier this month announced a list of textbooks approved for social studies curricula in K-12 schools. Among the “rejected materials,” a lesson about the National Anthem was tweaked to remove a line mentioning that “some citizens are choosing to ‘Take a Knee’ to protest police brutality and racism.'”

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