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Beloved University of Kentucky History Professor Dies from COVID-19 Months into Retirement

University of Kentucky retired professor Bruce Holle was respected in the classroom and beloved beyond, former students say.

He died Tuesday from COVID-19 complications, months into his retirement, the university confirmed Wednesday. 

“The institution lost a dear colleague in Professor Bruce Holle," spokesman Jay Blanton said in a statement of the 45-year teacher. "He was treasured by his colleagues and students, across decades, as a teacher, mentor and friend prior to and after his retirement last spring. He will be dearly missed. Our thoughts are with his family.” 

The history department, in which Holle taught, celebrated his career as a "student magnet" in a flattering tribute published in October. 

"Students took that long elevator ride to the top of (Patterson Office Tower)" to his office, that article said, "because Bruce cared about who they were and about how he could help them become the best possible version of themselves." 

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