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HNN has been told that that the independent panel appointed by Emory University to investigate Michael Bellesiles's Arming America has finished its report and submitted it.

The university told HNN that it will not have a comment"until the end of the summer," sticking by the schedule announced in the spring.

Mr. Bellesiles has declined to comment.

The names of the panel members are secret. The university has indicated that it may never reveal their names even after the report is made public.

Mr. Bellesiles has been teaching in the Emory at Oxford program this summer. His course: History 341, The American Revolution from the British Perspective. 4 hours. This is the description offered on the university website:

Literature, History, Political Science, Film Studies, Theatre Studies Oxford, England
July 2 - August 10, 2002
The British Studies Program is held at University College, one of the oldest and most beautiful colleges in Oxford. Students will live, dine and study in an atmosphere incomparably rich in cultural heritage and intellectual accomplishment. They may use all college facilities, including the library, beer and billiards cellar, croquet, lawn tennis and squash courts. There are ordinarily no classes on Friday so that students will have ample time for weekend travel, or for enjoyment of Oxford's many riches. This year the curriculum consists of a wide variety of offerings in British studies, including participation by British faculty and courses in Shakespeare, literature, history, political science, film studies and theatre studies.