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“Atomic Cover-Up” Premieres

Atomic Cover-Up TRAILER from Suzanne Mitchell on Vimeo.

It went “virtually” very well, when the documentary that I wrote and directed, Atomic Cover-up, received its world premiere Saturday at Cinequest. Like nearly all major film festivals in the past year, this one has skipped the theaters and gone fully online, allowing viewers across the country to take part over the next week (tickets at festival site here). If you want to reach me directly and request a private “free and instant” link or interview, write to: gregmitch34@gmail.com. Here are a few “reviews” from those who have seen the film and then a summary, and many more responses.

“What a great film, and original concept. An absolutely crucial way to understanding all wars. Don’t be surprised if this documentary is a player at next year’s Oscars.” — Rod Lurie (director of The Outpost, The Contender, others)


If this interests yougo to the film’s page at the festival which includes background, the trailer, and an easy way to purchase tickets ($3.99 and good for any time until the end of the month). Or, as I’ve said, request a private “free and instant” link, via gregmitch34@gmail.com. Suzanne Mitchell (no relation) produced the film with me. Here’s a brief note on the film, which runs for 52 minutes, and then more responses, and finally, here’s the trailer.

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