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Announcing THATCampAHA 2014

We are very excited to announce that the AHA annual meeting will again play host to THATCamp on Sunday, January 5.

THATCamp stands for “The Humanities and Technology Camp.” It is an unconference: an open, inexpensive meeting where humanists and technologists of all skill levels learn and build together in sessions proposed on the spot. Come along and organize and participate in discussions on any aspect of the application of technology to historical scholarship.

Not only will this THATCamp be held in conjunction with one of the nation’s largest and most vibrant annual learned societies meetings, the Washington, DC, area is a world center for digital humanities, digital history, and digital cultural heritage, so we will be drawing from a large and diverse constituency. THATCamp AHA will be open to anyone, not just attendees of the annual meeting. We welcome graduate students, scholars, librarians, archivists, museum professionals, developers and programmers, K-12 teachers, administrators, managers, and funders as well as people from the non-profit sector, the for-profit sector, and anyone interested in the application of technology to the study of history.

Registration is separate from that for the annual meeting, so please go to the THATCampAHA 2014 website where you can also learn more about what THATCamp is, suggest a session, and meet fellow campers.

Before you make your travel plans for the AHA annual meeting in Washington, DC, be sure to register for THATCampAHA 2014.

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