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A Southerner's Perspective on the Iraq Occupation

Charles Goodson, Chairman Southern Parties of the Southwest, in PHXNews.com (April 15, 2004):

For some time I have pondered why are so many Iraqis are fighting against the U.S. led coalition, why are we still taking casualties? Then the answer hit me like a ton of bricks, there has been no surrender of the Iraqi Army, or Government under Saddam Hussein. Just because there is an Iraqi Governing Council, doesn’t mean that it is the legal Government of Iraq. Until there is a Surrender of the old government, that is to say, until the Government of Saddam Hussein formerly surrenders, there can be no real peace and the casualties will continue. Until Saddam Hussein or one of his high Ministers offers to surrender, the Iraqi Governing Council will be an illegal Government. Even the new Iraqi Constitution, won’t be legal until the Iraqi Constitution under Saddam is voided by the old Government.

You might be wondering why I have titled this paper,” is history repeating itself?” Because, something like this happened 139 years ago. A sovereign country was illegally invaded, and it’s Government replaced with a puppet government. The Government of the Confederate States of America, was never surrendered by President Davis nor by any of it’s high officials and it’s Constitution never voided. The U.S. became an occupying force and appointed new leaders, to enforce Federal rule. At gunpoint, the State Governments of the Confederacy were forced to approve new Constitutions while the old ones were still in force.

The duly elected officials of the Southern States were forcibly removed and new ones, loyal to Washington D.C. were appointed as taskmasters and overseers of the South. The rule of law was overthrown for the rule of the mob. Therefore the Confederate States Government, much like the old Government of Iraq, is still the valid and legal government of the Southern Republic known as the Confederate States of America. The Constitution of the Confederate States of America, is still the legal Constitution of the Southern Republic known as the Confederate States of America. The sooner we Confederates understand this, the sooner our country will be liberated.

For a liberated Confederacy,

Charles Goodson

Chairman Southern Parties of the Southwest