• US Embassy in Hungary slams article likening Soros to Hitler

    A Hungarian culture minister suggested that the Hungarian-American Jewish financier's advocacy of stronger democratic standards in the EU--which reflect criticism of right-wing governments in Poland and Hungary--are similar to the crimes committed against the two nations by Nazi Germany, among other attacks.

  • Authoritarians From Mussolini to Trump (review)

    by Francis Fukuyama

    The political theorist Francis Fukuyama offers a brief review of Ruth Ben-Ghiat's book on authoritarian strongmen, and suggests paying more attention to Trump's unique characteristics in order to prepare for future instances of Trumpism.

  • The Dangers of Trump's Last Stand

    While Trump's refusal to concede is alarming, historians Federico Finchelstein, Ruth Ben-Ghiat and Samuel Moyn say that Trump's presidency has been mostly bark and little bite; he has the bluster of a dictator, but not the skill or diligence to consolidate his power to transform major institutions. 

  • America’s Next Authoritarian Will Be Much More Competent

    by Zeynep Tufekci

    Trump grasps the theatrics of authoritarian leadership, but doesn't have the skill or diligence to follow through with policy to turn the crises he creates to his advantage. More resilient autocrats elsewhere provide examples that other American politicians are likely to follow. 

  • Trumpania, U.S.A.: Making Federal Buildings Fascist Again

    by Ed Simon

    Trump's obsession with establishing neoclassical architecture as the default style for federal buildings echoes the delusional plan of Adolf Hitler to rebuild bombed Berlin in a monumental style purged of "decadent" modernism. 

  • Scholars Warn of Collapse of Democracy

    More than 80 signatories, including professors and other scholars at universities in the US, Canada, and Europe, do not agree on whether to label Donald Trump a “fascist."

  • The Long Shadow of Racial Fascism

    by Alberto Toscano

    Black thinkers have long argued that racial slavery created its own unique form of American fascism.

  • ‘One Man, and One Man Alone’: Mussolini’s War

    by John Gooch

    Mussolini acted on the spur of the moment, always sensitive to the need to be seen as Hitler’s equal.  Rarely did anyone ever try to talk him out of a chosen course, and when they did so they failed.  You couldn’t reason with him.

  • The Right's War on Universities

    by Ruth Ben-Ghiat

    "From the fascist years in Europe, nearly a century ago, to our own times, right-wing leaders have accused universities of being incubators of left-wing ideologies and sought to mold them in the image of their own propaganda, policy, and policing aims."

  • Il Donald

    by Anne Applebaum

    Although Mussolini's displays of pomp seem ridiculous, they are understandable as theater, in which the leader associated himself with symbols of Italian greatness. There is no contemporary comparison to be made....

  • Stopping Trump’s Coup

    by Jim Sleeper

    A phalanx of fomer officials was persuaded by a book to publicly press for abandoning tactical nuclear warfare as a military strategy because of the risk of global annihilation. The prospect of a Trump coup requires living former presidents to close ranks against the prospect of ignoring or challenging the election results. 

  • America Is About to Enter its Years of Lead

    Donald Trump's Proud Boy supporters and other far-right groups may not be able to seize power, but they don't need to. Political science research on episodes of political violence shows that creating and maintaining tension around the possibility of violence can intimidate the left, encourage law enforcement crackdown, and manipulate public opinion. 

  • Is it Fascism Yet?

    Columnist Renée Graham cites Ruth Ben-Ghiat's history of Italian fascism as a warning about authoritarianism's growth.