womens history

  • The Literary Battle of the Sexes, 1907-Style

    Of the 28 most popular books published between 1895 and 1902, 25 were by men. By 1904, though, the situation had begun to improve — and 1907 was a record-breaking year for women’s book sales.

  • 2019 Belongs to Shirley Chisholm

    A feature film. A monument. Tattoos in her honor. People looking for a hero have found one in this one-woman precursor to today’s progressive politics.

  • A Tale of Two Midwives across Four Centuries

    What happens when the person who delivers most of the babies in her community is arrested? This is a tale of two midwives, separated by nearly four centuries of history, and yet remarkably alike.

  • How History Changed Anita Hill

    Professor Hill spoke with Jessica Bennett, gender editor at The New York Times and called for a greater recognition of gender-based violence in the political sphere, and stronger leadership on the issue.