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  • Originally published 09/16/2013

    Hot Topics: Syria

    The best of web commentary on the Syrian crisis.

  • Originally published 06/30/2013

    The Battle of Gettysburg at 150

    Hancock at Gettysburg by Thure de Thulstrup. Credit: Wiki Commons.The Battle of Gettysburg marks its 150th anniversary this week (so does the Union victory at the siege of Vicksburg, but good luck seeing anything about that in the media).To mark the occasion, we've assembled a list of resources -- digital collections, books, and news stories -- about the battle and the Civil War that are worth closer examination.And of course, please share your favorite Civil War books in the comments! We're pretty well read here at HNN, but considering that the amount of works published on the Civil War easily numbers in the tens of thousands, we certainly haven't read (or even heard of) them all!Digital Resources

  • Originally published 06/02/2013

    HNN Hot Topics: MOOCs

    Image via Shutterstock/Flickr.NewsCoursera contract with UT system released; history chair says no MOOCs at Knoxville this fall (6-3-13)Historians at MOOC partner schools say faculty not consulted (5-30-13)San Jose State professors fire back at online class offer (5-25-13)Profs get ready for tens of thousands of students in online courses (1-14-13)Commentary

  • Originally published 04/16/2013

    HNN Hot Topics: Terrorism

    Aftermath of bombing of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. Credit: FlickrHistorian's TakeHistorian of terrorism worried about rise in militia groups (ABC News, 3-30-10)Gérard Chaliand: Why We Need a Cool Assessment of Terrorism (History News Network, 7-29-07)Walter Laqueur: Terrorism Won't Be Defeated in Our Lifetime (Wall Street Journal, 7-12-05)Histories of Terrorism

  • Originally published 03/22/2013

    HNN Hot Topics: The Iraq War Ten Years Later

    U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Brian L. Wickliffe.News10 years later, an anniversary many Iraqis would prefer to ignore (3-19-13)PollsPOLL: Has the Media Been Open Enough About Its Role in the Iraq War?Poll: Iraq War not worth it (3-17-13)Iraq: The spies who fooled the world (3-17-13)Commentary

  • Originally published 03/08/2013

    HNN Hot Topics: Hugo Chavez, 1954-2013

    News Hugo Chávez of Venezuela dies (3-5-13) Commentary: Historians Greg Grandin: The Legacy of Hugo Chávez (3-5-13) Commentary: Media Mac Margolis: Hugo Chávez’s House of Cards (3-7-13 Tariq Ali: Hugo Chávez and Me (3-6-13)Francisco Toro: What Fidel Taught Hugo (3-5-13) Past Controversies: South of the Border

  • Originally published 11/26/2010

    HNN Hot Topics: North Korea

    Related Links North Korea—Past Crises HNN PollsWill a Second Korean War Break Out? (August 2010)News

  • Originally published 07/14/2010

    HNN Hot Topics: July 4th

    Fourth of July fireworks, Washington DC, 2005. Credit: WikipediaOld StandbysTop 5 Myths About the Fourth of July By HNN StaffOld Glory: Patriotic Symbol? By Rick ShenkmanFrederick Douglass: What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?News StoriesMarist Poll reveals ignorance of July 4th history (7-5-11)Tea party gatherings on the Fourth mix the educational and the patriotic (7-5-10)NJ Plan to Laud Declaration Signers Fizzles (7-4-07)Audio/Video

  • Originally published 07/06/2010

    HNN Hot Topics: Gun Control

    McDonald v. ChicagoKhalil Gibran Muhammad: Violence, Gun Rights, and Compassionate ProgressivismSaul Cornell: Judicial Activism, Historical Revisionism, and the Legacy of the Roberts CourtMichael Bellesiles Scandal How the Bellesiles Story DevelopedDaniel Justin Herman: Review of Michael A.

  • Originally published 05/31/2010

    Memorial Day

    Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetary. Credit: Flickr.Who Invented Memorial Day? By Jim Downs (5-28-12)It's Time for a National World War I Memorial By Julian Saltman (5-28-12)At Last, Honor for Albert Wedemeyer, a Great American Soldier By Thomas Fleming (5-28-12)How to Forget on Memorial Day By Tom Engelhardt (5-28-12)Birthplace of Memorial Day? (NYT 5-27-12) 

  • Originally published 02/25/2010

    HNN Hot Topics: Same-Sex Marriage

    Image via Shutterstock.Related LinksHNN Hot Topics: Gay History HNN Hot Topics: Was Lincoln Gay?Latest News & Commentary

  • Originally published 06/29/2009

    HNN Hot Topics: Gay History

    Stonewall riots, 1969. Credit: Wiki Commons.Related LinksHNN Hot Topics: Gay Marriage HNN Hot Topics: Was Lincoln Gay? Gay Historians Allan Berube: Gay historian and gay history scholar, dies at age 61 (12-11-07) John Boswell: A gay classicist and college president who assisted Boswell in his research on gay history gets married (9-19-07) Commentary: Historians

  • Originally published 01/28/2009

    HNN Hot Topics: Presidential Inaugurations

    IndexGeneralBarack Obama's 2009 InaugurationGeorge W. Bush's 2005 InaugurationGeneral Highlights of Past Inaugurals Rick Shenkman: Nixon Pigeon-Proofed His Inaugural Parade Route Why Do Presidential Inaugurals Often Sound So Much Alike? Library of Congress:"I do solemnly swear" NYT Video: Inaugurations in times of peril Food served at inaugurals ... delicious sometimes Jill Lepore: Have inaugural addresses been getting worse?

  • Originally published 08/09/2005

    HNN Hot Topics: Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster

    The underside of the Space Shuttle Columbia shortly before it began to burn up upon re-entry on February 1, 2003. Credit: U.S. Air Force. Columbia shuttle crew not told of possible problem with reentry (1-31-13) Jonathan Coopersmith: After Columbia, Now What? (8-5-05) NYT: The Triumphs and Tragedies of the Space Program (2-2-03)

  • Originally published 10/10/2001

    Leaks to the Media ... An Old Story?

    Image via Shutterstock.Leaks through History Was It Illegal for President Bush to Leak Classified Secrets to Bob Woodward?Deep Throat and the FBI's History of Hiding Its Own LeaksWhy Did President Ford Ban Assassinations? (Explains that Ford leaked the fact that the CIA had plotted the assassination of foreign leaders.)Rick Shenkman: Leaks that might have changed the history of Vietnam Athan Theoharis: Deep Throat and the FBI's History of Hiding Its Own LeaksCIA Spy Case: Valerie Plame Leak Note: This article was first published October 10, 2001 and has been updated.

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