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Robert Brent Toplin

  • Originally published 04/22/2013

    Terror in Boston: It's About Guns, Not Bombs

    Credit: Flickr.On Wednesday, April 17, U.S. senators failed to round up enough votes to pass broadly popular recommendations for gun regulation, including a proposal to require background checks on some but not all gun purchases. During the next two nights, law enforcement authorities engaged in gun battles with two young men suspected of planting bombs at the Boston Marathon.These events are related.The news media have concentrated on the bombs, yet it was the suspects’ possession of firearms that delayed their capture and led authorities to declare a lockdown of New England’s largest city. If the two brothers accused of these crimes didn’t have guns, they could have been more easily apprehended.

  • Originally published 02/24/2013

    GOP Leaders are Playing Chicken with the American Economy

    The illustrious House leadership of the Republican Party. Credit: Flickr/DonkeyHotey.In recent months the U.S. economy has been gaining strength. “Weekly Jobless Claims Plunge to 5-Year Low,” announced The Huffington Post. “Home Prices Hit a Milestone,” reported The Wall Street Journal. “Consumer Sentiment Rises,” announced the New York Times.Now that progress is endangered. Republicans have been acting like it’s a great time to drive the economy into a storm.

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