• The Inaction of Capitol Police Was by Design

    by Kellie Carter Jackson

    "Police brutality against Black Americans and police inaction toward white Americans is not some surprising anomaly; it is the status quo."

  • How Cities Lost Control of Police Discipline

    The New York Times has published a deep dive into the history of police union contracts, which, in the wake of protests in cities like Detroit, became extremely powerful shields for police departments and individual officers from accountability for misconduct. 

  • What Obama Gets Wrong on 'Defund the Police'

    by Austin McCoy

    "If political budgets are moral documents, then divesting heavily from institutions that have the capacity to perpetuate harms is the moral thing to do."

  • The Crimes of the Campus Police

    by Grace Watkins

    "The problems with the campus police are already apparent to anyone willing to look, and gender-based violence by campus officers is an important part of the case for abolition."

  • The Dark Side of Campus Efforts to Stop COVID-19

    by Grace Watkins

    While colleges have a legitimate interest in suppressing virus transmission on campus, it is dangerous to expand the surveillance powers of campus police.