2020 Election

  • How Jimmy Carter Kept Me Sane

    by Jonathan Alter

    "I wrote my Carter biography during the toxic Trump years. The Georgian’s kindness and honesty are an inspiration for me and should be for America, too."

  • Will Muting Trump and Biden Save the Presidential Debates?

    by Tizoc Chavez

    Americans deserve better from the Presidential debates; if the Commission on Presidential Debates can't find a way to elevate substance over style, it should step aside for another organization to meet this civic function. 

  • Frontline: Whose Vote Counts?

    Jelani Cobb investigates the Wisconsin primary election as a lens onto the ongoing struggle to protect voting rights. 

  • Labor Pulse: Is This Election Labor's Last Chance?

    by Jim Castagnera

    The election presents organized labor with a choice between a death sentence and a reprieve that will prove temporary unless unions can put their needs at the center of a Biden presidency's priorities. 

  • Republicans: The New Confederacy

    by David W. Blight

    "There is no Republican majority in America, except on election days. It all depends on who votes and who is allowed to vote."

  • Joe Biden's Non-Radical 1960s

    As a young adult in troubled times, Joe Biden steered a moderate course toward public life. For supporters and critics alike, it seems Joe has always been Joe. 

  • Right Wing Trolls Attacked Me. My Administration Buckled

    by L.D. Burnett

    "My college administrators were warned of what would come when Campus Reform came calling, and I was warned, and now I will warn you — warn you, and call you to courage."