Students Take Field Trip To Return Soldier's Helmet

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A group of students from Idaho have taken an unusual field trip to Connecticut for a special reunion.

On Saturday, the 14 students will meet in Middletown with the family members of former soldier Anthony J. Malone to return to them the helmet he wore in World War II.

Their mission was to find out the history behind the Army helmet Mansfield’s father had given to him 40 years ago.

Inside the helmet was Malone’s name and a serial number.

After almost a month of research online, the students discovered that Malone had been a medic during World War II.

His company, they say, saw more than its fair share of battle, including D-Day. He'd also been awarded a purple heart.

What they also found out was that Malone passed away eight years ago but he is survived by a wife, here in Connecticut and children who live in New Jersey. So, they called some of Malone's family members to tell them of their find and eventually made plans to return it in person.

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