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  • Japan marks Nagasaki atomic bomb attack of 1945 (8-9-10)
  • Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Attacks Call for Nuclear-Free World (8-6-10)
  • Memorial service at Tinian's A-bomb assembly pit (8-6-10)
  • U.S. attends first Hiroshima atomic bomb anniversary (8-6-10)
  • Son of Pilot Who Dropped A-Bomb Opposes Plan to Send U.S. Delegation to Hiroshima Ceremony
  • (8-4-10)
  • U.S. to attend Hiroshima anniversary for first time (7-29-10)
  • Commentary: Historians

  • Jeff Tenuth: Hiroshima and Nagaski: Two Opinions (8-22-10)
  • John J. McLaughlin: The Bomb Was Not Necessary (8-10-10)
  • Jane Braxton: Coming of Age with Hiroshima's Mourning (8-6-10)
  • Stanley Kutler: 65 Years After Hiroshima: Truman’s Choices (8-6-10)
  • Greg Mitchell: Andrew Bacevich, His Lost Son, and Obama's War in Afghanistan (7-9-10)
  • Commentary: Media

  • Jennifer Lind: Apology Diplomacy at Hiroshima (7-16-10)
  • Mark Tooley: Religiously Remembering Hiroshima (8-13-10)
  • David Pilling: Hiroshima Still Clouds a Postwar Friendship (8-12-10)
  • Greg Mitchell: How Press Censorship Hid the Shocking Truth About Nagasaki A-Bomb 65 Years Ago (8-9-10)
  • Warren Kozak: A Hiroshima Apology? (8-9-10)
  • Daniel Bruno Sanz: Sixty-Five Years After Hiroshima, the Nightmare of Nuclear War Haunts Us Still (8-9-10)
  • Bruce McQuain: I Have Little Sympathy for the Japanese on this Subject (8-6-10)
  • Greg Mitchell: U.S. Sends Envoy to Hiroshima for First Time -- But Use of Bomb, Then and Now, Still Defended (8-6-10)
  • Kenzaburo Oe: Hiroshima and the Art of Outrage (8-6-10)
  • Jonathan Tobin: Hiroshima, Obama, and Truman (8-6-10)
  • Greg Mitchell: How the First Nuclear Blast, 65 Years Ago Today, Set Truman on Path to Hiroshima (8-16-10)
  • Greg Mitchell: Secrecy and Deadly Radiation: On the Birth of the Nuclear Age 65 Years Ago (7-14-10)

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