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  • Where do the Democrats Go from Here?

    by HNN Staff

    As the Trump administration withholds transition help and the Senate hangs in the balance, what can Democrats plan for Biden's first term? Student debt forgiveness has been an early policy idea. 

  • Is this a Slow-Moving Coup?

    by HNN Staff

    As Trump refuses to concede, few Republicans have repudiated his baseless charges of election fraud. Are they indulging a sore loser or starting a coup? 

  • NYT Reports Trump's Leaked Tax Returns

    The report, based on Trump's leaked tax records, indicates that he routinely used business losses to avoid taxes, but also has significant mortgage debts due in the near future. 

  • Historians on the 2020 Election

    by HNN Staff

    With one week until election day, historians discuss voting lines, potential legal battles, and all things election. 

  • Trump's "History Conference" Attacks Critical History

    Trump attempted to make school history curriculum a culture war front and pledged to establish a "1776 Commission" to ensure patriotic history education. CONTENT WARNING: Some historians responded with swear words.

  • William Barr and the Rule of Law

    The Attorney General faces scrutiny from Congress over his role in dealing with protest, directing the course of investigations on Trump's inner circle, and the integrity of the election.