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News Abroad

  • Where Is The Passion for Peace?

    by Walter G. Moss

    Today, as conflicts and bloodshed occur in Ukraine (and Gaza, Syria, and elsewhere), we wonder why in the past century we have advanced so little in our ability to prevent such senseless wars.

  • The Curse of The Occupation

    by Dr. Alon Ben-Meir

    To be sure, occupation is a curse that dehumanizes both the occupier and the occupied. It runs contrary to every tenet of humanity.

  • Why Does Hamas Want War?

    by Daniel Pipes

    "The holy grail of political warfare is to win the sympathy of the global Left by presenting oneself as underdog and victim."

  • The Strange Partnership of Anti-Warriors

    by Michael Kazin

    The first concord between foes of intervention on both left and right was struck a century ago, as President Woodrow Wilson agonized about whether the promotion of U.S. power and ideals required him to lead the country into World War One.

  • Shinzo Abe’s Gone and Done It

    by Tom Clifford

    For the economy Japanese prime minister Abe has arrows, for foreign policy he wants missiles and for the constitution, well, he has just driven a tank over it.