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President Trump’s Baltimore tweets were racist — but he also fails to grasp what ails our cities

by Sara Patenaude

Decades of racist policies — not absentee congressmen — explain cities’ biggest struggles.


The Real Problem With Trump’s Rallies

by Kevin Kruse

There are a lot of similarities between the president and George Wallace of Alabama. But there’s also one big difference.



Donald Trump and Boris Johnson Rode the Same Wave Into Power. History Suggests the Parallels Won’t Stop There

by David Kaiser

The history of Anglo-American relations and how Trump and Johnson will utilize them.



When we hear populism, we think Donald Trump. But we should be thinking Elizabeth Warren.

by Gregg Cantrell

How the left can reclaim the mantle of populism that is rightly theirs.



How music took down Puerto Rico’s governor

by Verónica Dávila and Marisol LeBrón

Underground music overcame censors to gain popularity and political power.



What 'Infests' Baltimore? The Segregation History Buried in Trump's Tweets

by Paige Glotzer

In slamming Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings’s 7th District as “rodent infested,” Trump borrows from the rhetoric that first segregated the city.



Trump’s Venom Against the Media, Immigrants, “Traitors,” and More Is Nothing New

by Adam Hochschild

The parallels between 1919 and 2019.



Winston Churchill Would Despise Boris Johnson

by Ian Buruma

Britain’s new leader has a sadly exaggerated sense of the importance his country will have after Brexit.



Don't just revile Amy Wax--rebut her

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Outrage does not and cannot refute what she said -- only facts can do that.



Expecting Ireland to be servile is part of a long British tradition

by Richard McMahon

The Brexit crisis is another example of how the UK so often ignores the consequences of its conduct on its neighbour.


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