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A Black Feminist’s Response to Attacks on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy

by Barbara Ransby

We should not become historical peeping Toms by trafficking in what amounts to rumor and innuendo.


About the FBI’s Spying

by William McGurn

What’s the difference between surveillance of Carter Page and Martin Luther King?



What D-Day teaches us about the difficulty — and importance — of resistance

by Sonia Purnell

For four years, a few French citizens fought a losing battle. Then they won.



After Tiananmen, China Conquers History Itself

by Louisa Lim

Young people question the value of knowledge, a victory for Beijing 30 years after the crackdown on student protests.



How True-Crime Stories Reveal the Overlooked History of Pre-Stonewall Violence Against Queer People

by James Polchin

The history of such crimes tends to be lost.



Hitler told the world the Third Reich was invincible. My German grandfather knew better

by Robert Scott Kellner

As a political organizer for the Social Democrats, Kellner had opposed the Nazis from the beginning, campaigning against them throughout the duration of the ill-fated Weimar Republic.



How racism almost killed women’s right to vote

by Kimberly A. Hamlin

Women’s suffrage required two constitutional amendments, not one.



Who Will Survive the Trade War?

by Margaret O’Mara

History shows that big businesses profit most when tariffs reign.



Of Crimes and Pardons

by Rebecca Gordon

The United States was not always so reluctant to put national leaders on trial for their war crimes.



Trump Is Making The Same Trade Mistake That Started The Great Depression

by John Mauldin

Similar to today, the Roaring 1920s saw rapid technological change, namely automobiles and electricity.




The Making of the Military-Intellectual Complex

by Daniel Bessner and Michael Brenes

Why is U.S. foreign policy dominated by an unelected, often reckless cohort of “the best and the brightest”?

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