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We Don't Have to Imagine the Consequences of Abortion Bans. We Just Have to Look to the Past

by Leslie J. Reagan

Making abortion illegal never meant abortion didn’t happen. For the entire century of criminalized abortion, women of every class, marital status, religion and race still obtained them.


Why nuclear diplomacy needs more women

by Elena Souris

Historically, a homogenous group of policymakers make innovation less likely.



Rashida Tlaib’s critics have Palestinian history all wrong

by Maha Nassar

The decades-long process that led to the creation of Israel involved plenty of Palestinian suffering.



The Real Reason Iran’s Hardliners Don’t Want To Talk To America

by Shireen T. Hunter

Tehran’s reluctance to engage in direct talks with America at a normal state-to-state level within a bilateral framework long predates the Trump administration.



Calhoun statue should not stand in prominent public space

by Joseph A. Darby

The only good “compromise” is to take it down and involve those who cherish his memory in choosing a suitable venue for its more appropriate display.



We need to stop focusing on the mental health of mass shooters

by Deborah Doroshow

Mentally ill Americans are already stigmatized — and wrongly so.



Living in a Nation of Political Narcissists

by Tom Engelhardt

American election exceptionalism from 1945-2019.



How Democrats can win the abortion war: Talk about Roe's restrictions as well as rights

by Jonathan Zimmerman

Republicans are lying when they paint us as the party of death and infanticide. Fight back by championing both the right to abortion and limits on it.



On the Recent Executive Order on"Free Inquiry" in Higher Education

by James Grossman and Edward Liebow

President Donald Trump’s executive order of March 21 on “free inquiry, transparency, and accountability in colleges and universities” is a textbook example of a classic negotiating ploy—misdirection.



Reclaiming History From Howard Zinn

by Naomi Schaefer Riley

The left’s portrait of America’s past has triumphed thanks to the abdication of serious historians. Wilfred M. McClay offers an antidote.

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