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In an era of rising anti-Semitism, should Jewish Americans tack left or right?

by Andrew Paul

What a 70-year-old riot says about solidarity.


Why the Labor Movement Has Failed—And How to Fix It

by Sarita Gupta, Stephen Lerner, and Joseph A. McCartin

The arc of the economic universe has bent badly toward injustice.



The Madness of Nuclear Deterrence

by Mikhail Gorbachev

The dangers have only become more acute in the decades since I tried to convince Thatcher.



Trump's regime is leading America in an insurrection

by Carol Anderson

Trump’s regime has ignited the base by conjuring up a vision of whiteness imperiled by ‘illegals’, ‘black identity extremists’ and Muslim terrorists.



How Franklin Graham betrayed his father’s legacy

by Nancy Beck Young

Instead of treating issues of sexuality with compassion, Graham has weaponized them.



The Other Notre-Dame Was Not Rebuilt

by Amy Wilentz

Perhaps France should help Haiti, its former colony, rebuild the cathedral lost in the 2010 earthquake.



The Poway shooter used an age old terrorist tactic. The media fell for it.

by Ibrahim Al-Marashi

The history behind terrorists’ favorite tactic and how we can fight it.



The centuries-long fight for reparations

by Ana Lucia Araujo

There is a long and old tradition of black men and women demanding restitution for the time they were enslaved.



Spring Stirrings and Misgivings

by Rebecca Gordon

Of Autocrats and Uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa.



US declining interest in history presents risk to democracy

by Edward Luce

In an ever more algorithmic world, Americans increasingly believe humanities are irrelevant.



A Moral Stain on the Profession

by Daniel Bessner and Michael Brenes

As the humanities collapse, it’s time to name and shame the culprits.



Attack on the AHA Couldn’t Be More Wrong

by Joy Connolly

"As interim President of a large public graduate school, I believe passionately in providing education that empowers students to make the most of their lives, whether or not they pursue careers in the academy."

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