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Why We Need a New Civil War Documentary

by Keri Leigh Merritt

The success and brilliance of the new PBS series on Reconstruction is a reminder of the missed opportunity facing the nation.


The public, not Robert Mueller, will determine Donald Trump’s fate

by Kathryn Cramer Brownell

Will Trump be Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton?



CNN Shows Zero Interest In Questioning Conventional Wisdom About Watergate

by Geoff Shepard

The producer assured me that CNN was committed to presenting a balanced view in its recent series on Richard Nixon, but she never even called back, and I think I know why.



Trump’s Taxes Are Fair Game. Just Ask Warren Harding.

by Stephen Mihm

The Teapot Dome corruption scandal resulted in a 1924 law that gives the House Ways and Means Committee authority to demand returns.



It’s time to return black women to the center of the history of women’s suffrage

by Susan Ware

Erased by white suffragists, black women’s work was vital to the fight for women’s rights.



If China wants to lead the global order, it will need more than the Belt and Road Initiative

by Gregory Mitrovich

The program falls well short of the world-changing Marshall Plan.



It’s time to get rid of reform schools

by Amber Armstrong

We need to seize the opportunity to rethink our juvenile justice system.



Why we need history majors to understand our future

by Knute Berger

Featuring Margaret O’Mara, a history professor at the University of Washington.



Resistance can't be tweeted: Social and political change is built on reading

by Jim Sleeper

What's the value of liberal education? Without intellectual exploration, we'll never make a better world.

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